Michelin Tires

Santa Barbara Michelin Tires Supplier

Why Choose Michelin?

  • We study tire usage, your driving needs and those around the world.
  • We develop and combine the 200 and more elements that constitute your tire.
  • We create many designs and use simulations to choose the best tire concepts to be developed.
  • We test our tires over 1 billion miles per year (that’s 40 times around the planet).
  • We expertly build each tire and invent our own machines if needed.

With so much care going into your tires, you won’t have to be back here too soon...Because choosing tires that last longer saves you time and money. Isn’t that what we all expect from a great value purchase?

Our approach to sustainability

  • We're committed to new sustainable development projects.
  • We're leaders in sustainability in the mobility industry and we intend to continue to act like one.
  • We're committed to improve peoples' mobility now and in the future.

Clean energy

Our facilities are monitored and optimized to use less energy.

Some of them use solar panels, wind power and local
alternative methods to get energy, preserving air quality.


Used tires can be 100% recovered, either as energy
or raw material.

They are reused as filling material, soundproof walls, railroad ties, drainage solutions and synthetic surfaces for sports fields and playgrounds.

Currently, 95% of end-of-life tires are recovered in Europe and 97% in Brazil.

Renewal of natural rubber

We have re-forestation program in place to ensure the sustainability of rubber (Hevea) tree cultivation. We conduct biological and agricultural research to improve the quality of natural rubber and combat diseases in Hevea trees.


More than 2,700 acres of our Bahia, Brazil rubber plantation have been kept totally uncultivated to help protect the forest's flora and fauna.

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