Santa Barbara Tire and Repair Services

We Offer A Whole Lot More Than Tires

Yes, tires are our specialty, but your domestic or imported vehicle can also receive a wide range of services and maintenance at Ian's. Whether you want to wait on the premises or need a ride, we'll make sure you are well taken care of. Below are listed some of the services we will provide for your sports car, sedan, SUV or light truck:

  • Radiator replacement
  • Coolant power flush
  • Power steering fluid change
  • Brake fluid power flush
  • Shock/strut installation
  • Constant velocity boots/axles
  • Scheduled maintenance (30/60/90k services, etc.)
  • Head light/brake/turn signal bulbs
  • Cabin filters, air filters



Ian's Quality Customer Care Includes...

  • Advanced computerized equipment
  • Free estimates from a helpful, trained staff
  • Free Wi-Fi, coffee and tea in waiting room
  • Complimentary courtesy rides